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Online Fees Management Software

About Fees Software

Lot of Instituttions Buying Somany softwares in the market online, offline. But all softwares using 20% or 30% only. Because different types of problems like No operator or not good knowledge from computer operator or So many softwares not understanding correctly or not giving correct service. So ARRAHMAAN WEB & IT SOLUTIONS OPC PVT LTD find this all problems from market and Launched Fees management software. "Good conveniance for all institutions quick understand, Can Easy operate & Low cost in market with best service". Let's give opertunity us for best serv you. Order today. Let's contact our Sales Team. +91 8466 030303. or mail info@arwitsindia.com.

Overall Specification of Software

  • Student's Admission.
  • Multiple Fees receipt
  • Transport Fees
  • Student, Class wise Concessions
  • Student, Class wise Fines
  • Category wise Income
  • Category wise Expenditure
  • Class wise Student wise Reports
  • Date wise Collection
  • Balance Sheet
  • Date wise Collection
  • Batch Transfer
  • Employees Admissions
  • SMS Integration Service
  • Year wise Fee details
  • Group, Class wise SMS
  • Customising facility(Optional)
  • Utilize this Software for Schools, Colleges, Engineering Colleges & All Types of Institutions.